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  • Annual Wellness Visits:
    Plays a crucial role in promoting preventive care, managing chronic conditions, improving health outcomes, and reducing healthcare costs by addressing health needs proactively and holistically.
  • Health Risk Assessments:
    Valuable tool for identifying health risks, informing care planning, empowering individuals, and guiding population health management efforts aimed at improving the health outcomes of Medicaid populations.
  • Redetermination:
    Verify that beneficiaries continue to qualify for Medicaid benefits based on factors such as income, household composition, residency status, and other eligibility criteria defined by the state.
  • Close HEDIS Gaps
    Secured Health helps close HEDIS gaps by implementing programs that encourage preventive care, chronic disease management, and adherence to medical guidelines. Our initiatives support healthcare providers in meeting quality measures and improving patient care outcomes, contributing to better overall health system performance.
  • Star Ratings
    Secured Health contributes to improving Star Ratings for Medicare Advantage plans by enhancing the quality of care and patient satisfaction through nutritional support and wellness initiatives. Our services help address key measures such as preventive health screenings, chronic disease management, and patient experience, which are critical to achieving higher ratings.
  • Navigating Existing Resources in Ecosystem:
    Essential for addressing the complex and interconnected factors that influence health and well-being. By addressing social determinants of health, Medicaid programs can improve health outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, enhance care coordination, empower individuals, and promote health equity within communities.
  • ACOs
    By partnering with Secured Health, your ACO can seamlessly integrate comprehensive patient care solutions. These solutions include, but are not limited to: - Medicaid redetermination - Nutritious meal delivery - Affordable phone plans - Transportation assistance - Medication assistance Our patient-centric approach prioritizes well-being and satisfaction, aiming to not only enhance outcomes but also cultivate a seamless and holistic healthcare experience for all individuals within your care network.
  • Health Plans
    At Secured Health, we’re dedicated to enhancing health plan effectiveness through innovative member engagement strategies. Our technology-driven solutions optimize for identifying SDoH gaps, improving outcomes, and reducing overall health costs. By fostering strong member connections and community presence, we empower health plans to achieve their goals efficiently, leading to healthier communities.
  • Hospital Systems
    At Secured Health, our commitment to improving the well-being of hospital system patients is paramount. Through innovative member engagement strategies, we empower individuals to achieve optimal health outcomes and lead fulfilling lives. We offer a comprehensive suite of technology-driven solutions to support hospital systems, including streamlining Medicaid redetermination processes and assisting first-time enrollees. Additionally, our solutions help hospitals maximize revenue by facilitating billing for unpaid services and ensuring continuity of care beyond the doctor's office, ultimately enhancing patient satisfaction and retention.
  • Medicaid members
    Within our platform, we provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution for members in need of support on their health journey. Unlike other apps that simply provide information on healthy choices, Secured Health connects you directly with partners in your communities determined to make an impact. Our solution streamlines benefits from health plans such as OTC/Flex and SNAP/EBT so that you can get access to high-quality care directly from our platform. Secured Health has a wide range of Community Resource Partners from your local favorite grocery stores to mobile carriers ensuring you have access to whatever, whenever!
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