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Secured Health's platform equips Community Organizations with essential tools to efficiently connect individuals with social and health services, fostering healthier communities

We personalize our approach by connecting individuals with existing health resources and familiar faces in their communities through our Community Organization coalition

Plays a crucial role in promoting preventive care, managing chronic conditions, improving health outcomes, and reducing healthcare costs by addressing health needs proactively and holistically.

Annual Wellness Visits

Verify that beneficiaries continue to qualify for Medicaid benefits based on factors such as income, household composition, residency status, and other eligibility criteria defined by the state.

Medicaid Enrollment +

By addressing social determinants of health, Medicaid programs can improve health outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, enhance care coordination, empower individuals, and promote health equity within communities.

Navigate Existing Resources

Community Network of Providers

Enrollment/ Redetermination For Medicaid

Annual Wellness Visits & Health Risk Assessments

SDOH Gap Closers 

SNAP/Government Benefits 

We incorporate a range of services uniquely designed to improve your member health outcomes, including:

Ready to transform the way your organization enhances the health and well-being of your members?

Reach out to our team to explore how we can collaborate with your organization, making a lasting difference.

Work With Us

Changing Healthcare 1 Meal at a Time

Providing a healthier, happier community.

Driving Health Outcomes


allowing the population to understand their health statistics in real time. 

Health Risk Assessments 


Helping increase the completed Vaccination Rates across the population. 

Vaccination Rates


Increasing show up rates for annual wellness exams. 

Annual Wellness Visits


Partner With Secured Health:

Health programs that perfectly match your members' needs. Simple, easy, and accessible. 

Valuable tool for identifying health risks, informing care planning, empowering individuals, and guiding population health management efforts aimed at improving the health outcomes of Medicaid populations.

Health Risk Assessments

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